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A 3 BHK or 2 BHK Flat in Raj Extension provides quality residential options at reasonable rates

One of Ghaziabad's most lucrative yet cost-effective residential areas is the Raj Nagar Extension. It is situated on NH-58 and provides a range of housing alternatives, from single-family homes to mid-rise flats. Along with providing commuters traveling between Delhi and Ghaziabad a signal-free ride, the 10.3 km long, six-lane raised highway linking Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad to National Highway 24 at the Delhi border has also fueled the expansion of real estate in Raj Nagar Extension. Its advancement has also been aided by the fact that there has never been any issue over the land purchased from farmers. You will be able to spot a 4BHK, 3BHK, or 2BHK flat in Raj Extension  at quite reasonable rates with all the modern amenities accessible.

Prices in Raj Nagar Extension are changing

In the preceding few years, Raj Nagar Extension's property values have significantly increased. Prices in this area increased from Rs 3,160 per square foot in the Oct.-Dec. quarter of 2018 to Rs 3,490 per square foot in the similar quarter of 2020. This results in an increase in value of around 11 percent in only 2 years. A 1 BHK unit with 600 to 700 square feet costs between Rs 20–25 lakh, a 2 BHK flat spanning 900 to1100 square feet costs between Rs 35–80 lakh, and a 3 BHK unit covering 1100 to 1600 square feet costs between Rs 60–2 crore.

Comparing Raj Nagar Extension to nearby investment regions

It's significant to note that Raj Nagar Extension has experienced more steady expansion than any other neighborhood in the area. The neighborhood has had steady growth and no decline in real estate values in nearly ten years. These elements, according to real estate specialists, contributed to this performance:

❖       Having no disagreement

Raj Nagar Extension kept growing as a secure place to put one's money while its nearby communities were dealing with disputes like the land acquisition fight and the dumping site problems, correspondingly.

❖       Reasonability

Raj Nagar Extension housing units are 20–30 percent less costly compared to those in other trans-Hindon neighborhoods like Kaushambi, Indirapuram, and Vasundhara, which are growing more and more out of the reach of the average person. As a result, this has emerged as the region's distinctive selling point.

❖       A sound supply-demand ratio

Raj Nagar Extension boasts an acceptable demand-supply relationship, in contrast to the majority of regions in Ghaziabad and nearby regions in Noida, where the supply is significantly higher than the need. This is also true given that there are more investors in the area than end consumers.

 Raj Nagar Extension’s residential sector

The most common home type in Raj Nagar Extension is a mid-sized 2 BHK flat, and there is a good supply of those as well. 3 BHK is the second favored type, accounting for about 32% of the supply bank. The number of 1 BHK and 4BHK combinations is extremely low.

Raj Nagar Extension rent prices

Raj Nagar Extension is cost-effective in both capital costs and rental rates. Additionally, there is a sizable migration of individuals working in Noida seeking reasonable housing choices in Raj Nagar Extension. A 2BHK and a 3BHK are available to rent in this area for Rs 5,300–7,600 and Rs 8,300–10,300, respectively. In contrast to other well-known areas in Ghaziabad, Raj Nagar Extension is the cheapest area for individuals searching for rental housing. The distance between the location and NH-24 is the cause of this.


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