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Why must you invest in ongoing residential projects in Mohan Nagar?

Mohan Nagar is one of the most influential residential areas in Ghaziabad. A planned industrial township, Mohan Nagar is well connected to Delhi NCR and has all the amenities and facilities to offer you a quality life. While the existing residential development in this neighbourhood is promising, the ongoing residential projects in Mohan Nagar also show great potential. For those on the lookout for outstanding residential property, investing in ongoing projects in the locality is an excellent choice. Here is why:

Find more affordable options.

Under-construction projects are often offered at a lower price by the builder as a majority of them extend early bird discounts. Such discounts allow you to upscale your buying choices and invest in a residential unit that is high-end and available in ready-to-move properties at a higher price. You can maximize the benefit from your purchase by buying a property in its early construction stages or during the pre-launch offers.

Better options

When you are the first one to choose, you have all the choices available to you. By investing in the ongoing residential projects in Mohan Nagar you can choose the property of your choice in terms of size, floor, east facing or any other requirement that you may think of.

Convenient payment plan

The financial burden of buying a property is high and a wise payment plan can play a major role in making it easy on your pockets. With ongoing residential projects, the buyer gets easy payment choices including a construction-linked payment plan, a time-linked payment plan as well as a flexible payment plan. With instalments coming up small and in intervals, the buyer gets more time to manage finances. The loan amount is also disbursed by the bank in small batches, reducing the overall interest amount you pay.

A chance to modify.

Credible builders often accommodate the request for minor modifications from the buyers. You can easily change a certain aspect of your home based on your needs. However, this is only possible if you buy a house that is under construction. Also, you get a better understanding of the construction quality as you can monitor the construction process and learn what went into the construction.

Assurance by RERA

Investing in ongoing residential projects in Mohan Nagar is wise, especially with RERA to safeguard the buyer. A RERA-approved builder is bound by the government policy to deliver the house within the promised time limit. Failing to do so, the builder must refund all the money paid by the buyer to date, along with the interest amount.

At SVP Group, we are a RERA-approved builder offering you a chance to buy your dream home in Mohan Nagar. Our ongoing project – Gulmohur Greens Phase-II- is strategically designed to answer to all the housing needs of modern men and offer a high standard of living at a decent price. Located at a prime location, this project combines state-of-art architecture, modern design, and top-notch construction; a blend that makes it the best ongoing residential project in Mohan Nagar.

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